Cloud Computing

Guaranting the flexibility of its customers, ADEX Technology offers public, private and hybrid cloud solutions that are increasingly adapted to their needs and at the request of their users.

In addition to the technological performance of the cloud offering, ADEX Technology ensures easy migration and adoption for its customers, while optimizing and reducing the investment costs of its customers by adopting a « Pay » payment concept. as you go! « .

  • ADEX’s Cloud platform offer:
    The Enablement Cloud: Be it Vmware, Microsoft, IBM, lenovo, or other vendors.
  • The ADEX Cloud Offer: The ADEX Technology offer completely meets the growing demand of customers with a range of products.
  • IaaS Infrastructure as a service: virtual server, storage, descktop.
  • PaaS Platform as a service: OS, Database, Security.
  • SaaS Software as a service: collaborative tools, CRM, ERP, PAO, HR, Editing.

All while applying the economic concept « Pay as you go! »