Outsourcing & Sourcing

The Outsourcing Offer from ADEX Technology is an important element for companies wishing to be on the cutting edge of the evolution of technological equipment.

ADEX Technology classifies its Outsourcing service into 3 categories: Harwdare sourcing, and Software sourcing.

  • Sourcing Software:

In addition to being an independent service provider, ADEX Technology is the market leader in licensing and software, offering a service that includes consulting and expert support for products from more than 100 software vendors throughout the world. the world and from a single source, as well as the most optimal licensing agreements ensuring a quality / cost ratio.

  • Sourcing Hardware:

Thanks to the control of its logistics chain, ADEX Technology ensures the availability of a logistic platform and a single point of multibrand, allowing to take care of all the administrative complexity and the heaviness of process and management of imports. .

With more than 50 manufacturers, mainly Lenovo, IBM, Cisco, HP, Forcepoint, and F5, ADEX is positioned as the ideal partner for the acquisition of IT equipment and consumables.

  • Outsourcing ICT services:

ADEX Technology‘s outsourcing offering enables its clients to outsource the activities of its IT department in complete peace of mind, in part or in full, which will allow the latter to focus on “its core business”.

ADEX Technology‘s commitment to its customers is reflected in an increase in IT service productivity through qualified and permanently available resources (7J / H24).