Confidence in the Experience and Expertise of its team, since its creation and thanks to the transfer of competence of its international partners and associates, ADEX Technology considers itself today as the reference partner in terms of integration.

ADEX Technology Integration is intended to be complete and end-to-end oriented, from the DataCenter to the workstation.
It covers:

  • Infrastructure: Classic (Server, Storage, Switching, OS and Virtualization), Converged and Hyper-Converged.
  • Enterprise Application: Messaging and collaboration systems, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Continuity Planning BCP, Content Management, Portal Application.
  • Cyber Security: Endpoint Security, Identity Management, SIEM, Web Security, Email Security, Application Security Testing, Network Security.
  • Data & Analytics: Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Integration.
  • Cloud Platform: Enterprise Private Cloud.
  • Backup and recovery: Data Management, Data Availability.